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Individually sold


Designed by: World wide designer, Kurt Alder


About Kurt Alder:


While serving in the U.S. Army, Kurt Adler worked in the procurement department securing necessary goods from all over the world. In the army, he was taught logistics and how to source merchandise. Kurt S. Adler, Inc. as we know it began after the end of World War II, when Kurt brought these skills with him and tried his hand at exporting general goods to countries needing product after the war. As the business grew and European economies began to recover, he changed direction to importing. In the 1950's, ornaments were first offered. Beautiful handmade angels from East and West Germany found an enthusiastic audience in America. The line was expanded with glass ornaments from Czechoslovakia, hanging ceiling decorations from Germany, and miniature lights from Italy. Suddenly, America was ablaze with festive decorations that offered a European flair.

Now, almost 75 years later, Kurt S. Adler, Inc. is the leading importer and distributor of holiday decorations. With headquarters in New York City and a state of the art distribution center, the business continues today to be run by Kurt Adler’s children—Howard, Clifford, and Karen. It has also become a third generation family business as Kurt's grandchildren have joined the company, continuing to uphold its long standing values.


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